Deploy an App

When you're scripting a lot of action with the server, storing data, using logins... your website is at this point often refered to as a web app. It's become more than a static site, it's an application with many features. For instance, the DIY website would be considered a web app.

Just like you can host a static website on a server, you can also host your web app. You'll need to use a server that has your backend scripting language installed on it. There are a few that offer hosting for Node.js, we'll use the Heroku service in this challenge.

First, visit and create a new account.

Login and Create New Heroku App

Next, using Bash, navigate to the folder with the super-simple-server we used in the previous challenge.

cd super-simple-server

Login to your heroku account and type your email and password when it prompts you:

heroku login

Create a new app on Heroku, replace APPNAME with whatever you want to name your app:

heroku apps:create APPNAME

Scale and Deploy to Heroku

Give your app 1 web dyno to run the web app, then push your files to Heroku's servers. This push is your deploy!

heroku ps:scale web=1 --app APPNAME
git push heroku master

Now visit the web app online at: